About Us

Conducting special operations using unconventional techniques

A Special Forces Driven Purpose

Founded in 2010, HTF Aerospace is a growing special forces supply chain company in Encinitas, California, dedicated to helping our customers sustain aging vessels to safely operate longer.

As the Special Forces of the aerospace supply chain, our team works to help our customers procurement teams reliably source and fulfill hard-to-find components in a timely manner.

HTF Aerospace has the knowledge and experience with aging platforms and are qualified to take on challenging projects. We exceed customer expectations by putting our knowledge, experience, and special skills to work for our customers to deliver the highest quality solutions on-time.

We actively collaborate as team players and maintain an open, professional, adaptable and capable atmosphere.

Our Core Values

Your long-term supply chain partner

  1. EXCELLENCE: Our focus and discipline enable us to offer first-class and superior service.
  2. RESOURCEFULNESS: We are able to assess situations, devise ways and means to a solution, and find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.
  3. ADAPTABILITY: We make customer requests fit by modification and quickly adapt to new conditions.
  4. RELIABILITY: We are dependable, responsive, safe, and trustworthy.
  5. We have a passion for delivering ON TIME solutions.
  6. We impress upon each other, customers, vendors, and partners QUALITY AND CARE.
  7. We regularly COLLABORATE to deliver on our values.

Join Our Team

We’re a growing team and currently hiring people with resourceful sourcing skills and attention to detail fulfillment skills.